Credo is a community of leaders in the classical music world dedicated to combining high-level musical training with Christian mentorship and the opportunity for outreach and service to others. Credo presents a variety of programming, from our flagship three-week chamber music program in Oberlin to a variety of regional activities across the country.

Credo’s commitment to developing the next generation of musical leaders in the context of integrated music study, service, and faith empowers its students to be more winsome and productive members of their communities, their musical ensembles, and their families.

Credo’s 2017 Programming

For 2017 Credo will present four programs, all based on the principles of helping talented young musicians Develop the Gift, Acknowledge the Source, and Respond with Service. You can learn more about these exciting programs on the Credo Programs page.

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  1. The Credo Kindness Challenge

    The Credo Kindness Challenge

    It’s the New Year and we have a resolution for you: be kind! (Enjoy the following guest post from Julia Wen, cello faculty at the Music Institute of Chicago and the Music for Youth program...

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  1. Acknowledge the Source: Amazing Grace!

    Published in 1779, with words written by Anglican pastor John Newton, “Amazing Grace” is one of the most well known hymns in the English-speaking world. Newton based the words of “Amazing Grace” upon his personal experiences. He was not particularly religious in the early part of his life, and eventually...

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Sounds of Credo

Upcoming Credo Events

June 21
Make Music Cleveland
June 22-25
Credo New England
July 2-22
Credo Oberlin Chamber Music Program
July 24-29
Credo Flute
July 24-30
Credo Orchestral Program - Chicago, IL
July 30
Orchestral Program Final Concert
3pm Chicago Cultural Center