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Hannah Hammel, Flute (Credo '13, '14, '15)

Winner, 2016 National Flute Association- Young Artist Competition, Orchestral Excerpt Competition, National Flute Association Convention 2015

I was fortunate to attend Credo during the summers of 2013 and 2014 while a student at Oberlin Conservatory. As a flutist, I arrived for the last week of the camp to play in the orchestra after the string students had been rehearsing chamber music intensely for a few weeks. Playing in the orchestra was an amazing and unique experience for me because all of the musicians had a clear common goal: to make beautiful music while connecting with each other on a personal and a religious level. The skills honed through studying chamber music were brought to each rehearsal with the orchestra. Each member was fully engaged with their parts and the conductor, but also with their friends on the other side of the orchestra. Music making was always the top priority and I felt immensely blessed to be a part of something so pure and good. Credo teaches and encourages each musician to be highly skilled technicians, thoughtful artists, and sensitive collaborative players, but most importantly it carries the message that music comes from deeply rooted place in each of us, and with that we are capable of expressing our joy and giving our musical message to everyone who listens.