Masterclasses with PSlo

(Enjoy the following guest post from Jessica Corwin, a music educator in Massachusetts and a former student of Peter Slowik)

We’re halfway through March. Around the country people are digging out from the latest snowstorm, college students are finishing up midterms, and everyone is wishing for spring – or summer – or whenever they get their Credo session in.

Wouldn’t it be nice right now to visit with your Credo friends? Attend a Morning Sing? Or get a little coaching from your favorite Credo teachers? Some musical thoughts from PSlo with a sprinkling of corny jokes would be pretty great right now.

Oh, wait! We can do that one! wrote a piece on a chamber music masterclass with Peter Slowik, and it doesn’t disappoint. Watch videos, read his wisdom on the role of the viola in chamber music, and groan at his made-up word for the bounce height on a spiccato stroke. You’ll be glad you did!

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