PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT SUBMIT THE ONLINE APPLICATION UNTIL YOU HAVE UPLOADED ONTO THE APPLICATION ANY NECESSARY SUPPORTING MATERIALS (see list below). You can return to your application any number of times until all items have been uploaded – THEN click on the submit button.

Your application will be complete when Credo has received each of the following items:
(applications will not be acted on until all items are completed)

  1. Online Application
  2. Application Fee: $45 (paid at the end of online application)
    Credo Alumni: $25
  3. Digital Photo of the applicant – uploaded in the online application
  4. Audition – either uploaded in the digital application, or live audition (see Audition tab for schedule)
  5. For new applicants only: Recommendation letter (from teacher, orchestra director, youth leader, pastor, or employer) – You do not need to send in a letter or have one sent – once you have competed the “recommender” section of your application, Credo will send a request to that individual for a recommendation letter on your behalf.

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Supporting Documents

You may scan supporting documents and upload in your online application, OR mail directly to:

65 East College St., Suite #7
Oberlin, OH 44074
Attn: Director of Admissions


All students must audition for admission and placement. Live auditions are preferred for Credo Oberlin.  Video auditions are perfectly also acceptable.

Audition Requirements

All applicants are required to audition with two pieces or movements in contrasting styles; one should demonstrate technical abilities, the other melodic abilities.

Audition Dates

Below is the schedule of audition dates.
Please indicate on your online application which audition date you prefer.
We will contact you to schedule your specific audition time and answer any questions about the audition process two weeks before the audition is to occur.

Date Location
February 4 Oberlin, OH
February 18 Oberlin, OH
February 19 Chicago, IL
February 25 Oberlin, OH

Check back mid-November for additional audition dates.

2017 Deadline & Admissions Timeline

Nov. 20 (approx.) Application Opens
Feb. 1

Feb. 15 – March 15

Strong preference will be given to counselor applications received by this date

A limited number of applicants will be admitted via “rolling admission”

March 10 Completed applications due for financial aid applicants (program application and financial aid application materials)
March 25 Completed applications due for ALL applicants
April 1-10 Admissions decisions made. Initial $100 deposit due two weeks after notification.
April 15 Total $400 tuition deposit due (Initial $100 tuition deposit plus additional $300 deposit)
May 15 Students on Wait List notified of final status. Initial $100 deposit due two weeks after notification.
June 15 Tuition/Room/Board Balance Due
Student registration forms due (available on website May 1)


For technical assistance in completing the application, click on “Help” on the application itself. DecisionDesk staff will be of assistance.

For information about Credo programs, or for general assistance in completing your application, contact:

Vicky Slowik
(440) 774-3658


Holly Jenkins, Section Violin at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (Credo '12)

I graduated from Oberlin Conservatory in 2012 and that summer was my first time at Credo. If there's a "right" reason for playing music, glorifying something bigger than yourself in order to help people tap into something beautiful inside them is it. I've traveled to Jordan and the West Bank (with fellow Credo student Lauren Manning ’12) in 2011 and to Pakistan in 2012 for performances and music workshops with young people. I've played for audiences of all classical musicians, and for audiences full of people that haven't ever seen a violin, or heard classical music before. Music has this incredible ability to bridge gaps of all sorts, whether those gaps are social, religious, or cultural. At Credo, no one was trying to prove anything, win something, or impress each other: everyone just wanted to enrich the people around us, not to mention ourselves! It was so exciting for me to be in such a supportive and well-meaning atmosphere. I hope always to be a part of the Credo family in some way, shape, or form!