Costs & Financial Aid

2017 Tuition (including room and board)

2 week option (July 2-15)   $2485
3 week program  (July 2-22)  $3550
Credo Oberlin and Orchestral week (July 2-30)  $4200

All applicants for Summer 2017 should be available to come to 2, 3, or 4 week options.  The orchestral week (week 4) will be made available to the most accomplished and mature performers – generally college and upper division High School students.

Share the Gift

Alumni and newly admitted Credo students have the opportunity to share time and talent with their local communities while generating support to help defray their costs of attending Credo. Credo’s students are encouraged to organize musical performance or acts of service within their communities. Credo will offer students a discount on tuition based on their participation in this program Learn More

Financial Aid

Credo will make every effort to provide the appropriate assistance to make it possible for all students to attend Credo. Grants will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need and musical talent. In a typical year, Credo awards around $70,000 of need-based aid. If you are interested in being considered for financial aid, please complete the financial aid form on the online application (available mid-November).

We provide a worksheet to assist you in compiling financial information you will need to complete the Financial Aid section of the online application:

Download Financial Aid Application Worksheet

Scholarships for piano and string students

Credo is able to offer an extremely limited number of full-tuition scholarships for talented piano and string students.

To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must complete the financial aid section of the online application. We provide a form to assist you in preparing to complete the Financial Aid Application online:

Download Financial Aid Application Worksheet

Scholarships for counselor positions for college students

A limited number of upper-division college students are chosen as counselors each year. Counselors will receive full-tuition scholarships for the Credo program: these students will pay only $1500 for room/board. Special consideration will be made for Oberlin Conservatory students or returning Credo alumni, who may receive additional partial- or full-room and board scholarships. Selection for counselor positions will be by rolling admission, so apply as soon as possible.

To apply to be a counselor:

  1. Complete web-based application
  2. Send an email to indicating your interest in a counselor position.
  3. Members of the Credo staff will contact you for an interview.

Strong preference will be given to counselor applications received by February 1.

Holly Jenkins, Section Violin at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (Credo '12)

I graduated from Oberlin Conservatory in 2012 and that summer was my first time at Credo. If there's a "right" reason for playing music, glorifying something bigger than yourself in order to help people tap into something beautiful inside them is it. I've traveled to Jordan and the West Bank (with fellow Credo student Lauren Manning ’12) in 2011 and to Pakistan in 2012 for performances and music workshops with young people. I've played for audiences of all classical musicians, and for audiences full of people that haven't ever seen a violin, or heard classical music before. Music has this incredible ability to bridge gaps of all sorts, whether those gaps are social, religious, or cultural. At Credo, no one was trying to prove anything, win something, or impress each other: everyone just wanted to enrich the people around us, not to mention ourselves! It was so exciting for me to be in such a supportive and well-meaning atmosphere. I hope always to be a part of the Credo family in some way, shape, or form!