What better way to explain the success of Credo programs than with the words of our alumni? We proudly present testimonials from Credo students, professionals, and parents.

What Students Are Saying:

“I can’t even express what a perfect combination of work and play I find there. The Credo environment is what really makes me want to keep returning. I just feel so renewed and energized.”

“This year at Credo, I discovered new heights and depths of personality and maturity that I had never known existed.”

“My focus has been solidified and reassured, music has become a deeper part of my life.”

“Credo was truly a life changing experience. I’ve done many things with music, but none has impacted me like Credo. I was in a piano quartet with incredible players who pushed me well beyond anything I was capable of doing!”

 What Professionals Are Saying:

“The high level of communication and professionalism shown by all the student groups, performing after just a few days of rehearsals, came from something other than technical level or coaching; it stemmed from a real commitment, a belief in working together towards a greater goal.”

theStrad Magazine

“I have learned that I can count on a level of maturity, sense of community, and kindness from the students that have participated in Credo before coming to Oberlin. Not only are they outstanding musicians, they are good people.”

Marci Alegant, Associate Dean, Oberlin Conservatory

“I know of no other place quite like this. We teach our students that the love and discipline that leads them to become musicians in the first place is an extension of what makes them better, more giving people.”

Stephen Clapp, Dean Emeritus, The Juilliard School

“Credo is one of the very few places where musical excellence is fully integrated with a musician’s spiritual development. At Credo, the whole person is addressed, nurturing the body, mind and spirit.”

Anne Martindale Williams, Principal Cellist, Pittsburgh Symphony 

“It is an exciting prospect to see aspiring young musicians who are searching out their calling come together over great works of chamber music. The spiritually and musically hungry student cannot help but benefit from the intensity of focus and the personal relationships that Credo provides.”

Lee Joiner, String Department Chair, Wheaton Conservatory

What Parents Are Saying:

“Credo’s impact on our life continues in a tangible, daily way. We are all immensely grateful.”

“Credo has not only been a positive musical and personal summer experience for my daughter, but one that I am quite sure will shape her for the rest of her life.”

“Our daughter came home from Oberlin with a joy like we have not seen from other music programs.”

“There are few places for teens to go, to leave home for an adventure, where everyone is genuinely welcome, and where integrity, uprightness, and wholesomeness are the norm. That, of course, is available to all who participate in Credo.”

Holly Jenkins, Section Violin at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (Credo '12)

I graduated from Oberlin Conservatory in 2012 and that summer was my first time at Credo. If there's a "right" reason for playing music, glorifying something bigger than yourself in order to help people tap into something beautiful inside them is it. I've traveled to Jordan and the West Bank (with fellow Credo student Lauren Manning ’12) in 2011 and to Pakistan in 2012 for performances and music workshops with young people. I've played for audiences of all classical musicians, and for audiences full of people that haven't ever seen a violin, or heard classical music before. Music has this incredible ability to bridge gaps of all sorts, whether those gaps are social, religious, or cultural. At Credo, no one was trying to prove anything, win something, or impress each other: everyone just wanted to enrich the people around us, not to mention ourselves! It was so exciting for me to be in such a supportive and well-meaning atmosphere. I hope always to be a part of the Credo family in some way, shape, or form!