Respond with Service: The Adventure of Almsgiving

Almsgiving? What in the world is almsgiving? 

Simply put, almsgiving is another word for generosity. It is a generosity that is not transactional, but relational. It is the generosity Jesus modeled in the Bible, that looks to bless others with peace and love.

And isn’t that what responding with service is all about? As we recognize and serve others in need with our labor – and our music – we recognize our shared humanity.

Consider Negil and Noah McPherson of Omaha, Nebraska. You can read their story in the Omaha World-Herald.

Negil, 14, is a freshman at Central High School. Noah, 12, is a seventh-grade student at Lewis and Clark Middle School. Both are violinists and students of Omaha Symphony violinist and assistant concertmaster Christopher Hake.

In addition to being dedicated students, these two young musicians often take time to share their gift of music with others, playing at retirement celebrations, children’s groups, etc.

Their father had this to say about Negil and Noah:

“I am so proud of our sons — ordinary boys with God-given talent, good hearts and an interest in helping others…I am happy that they are growing up to be intelligent and responsible young men.”

The adventure of almsgiving is found in responding with service, and blessing others with love and peace – just like Negil and Noah.

Where will your adventure begin?

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