Credo Alumni Drive 2019

Dear Credo Alum,

Think back to your summer(s) at Credo. Did Credo impact your life in a positive way? Would you want another young musician to have a similar experience this summer?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, I'd like to invite you to contribute one hour's worth of work to help give someone a summer festival experience they'll never forget. If you have a work study job on campus, maybe that's $9.50. If you teach privately, maybe that's $50, or even $70.

If every Credo alum gave $9 that would be enough to send three students to Credo on full scholarship this summer. I think we can all imagine giving one hour's worth of work to a worthy cause - funding at least one full scholarship this summer?

Today starts a two-week alumni drive. We've made the window short on purpose to focus our work together. Visit Credo's GoFundMe page to join the momentum and make a contribution today! If not today, don't wait too long - the alumni drive ends on March 15.

So glad you're part of the Credo Family,

Peter Slowik

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