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Develop the Gift
Acknowledge the Source
Respond with Service

Credo develops young musicians - musically, personally and spiritually - to prepare them for lives of music and service.


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CREDO programs

In 2018 Credo presented three summer programs based on the principles of helping talented young musicians Develop the Gift, Acknowledge the Source, and Respond with Service. Thank you for a great season! In addition to its summer programs Credo presents a variety of activities throughout the year.


Credo Quartet Fellowship

June 17 - July 29 (6 weeks)

Credo Oberlin

July 1 - 29 (2-4 weeks)

Credo Flute

July 23 - 28 (1 week)

Mission trips

January 2018

Make music cleveland

June 21, 2018





every December


"The high level of communication and professionalism shown by all the student groups, performing after just a few days of rehearsals, came from something other than technical level or coaching; it stemmed from a real commitment, a belief in working together towards a greater goal." 
— theStrad Magazine


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