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string players & pianists, ages 13-23

Credo’s largest program is its three-week summer chamber music festival, which takes place at the Oberlin Conservatory. Students receive daily coaching and mentoring with Credo's world-class faculty along with master classes, large ensembles, private lessons and career development talks. In addition to regular performances, Credo students spend one day each week serving the community in food banks, hospitals, early childhood centers and other venues.


Intensive music study and performance

Details about Credo Oberlin 2019 will be announced shortly! Below you can learn about what happened at Credo Oberlin in 2018.

The first three weeks of the Credo Oberlin festival focus on intensive chamber music study and performance. Each chamber group receives daily coaching and will be expected to perform several times each week. Repertoire will be assigned and sent to students in June, allowing them to master their individual parts before arriving. This advance preparation combines with Credo’s carefully matched assignments to foster unparalleled growth as individuals and ensembles.

Select advanced string students will be invited to participate in a tuition-free fourth week: Credo Orchestra Week. The group will travel from Oberlin to Chicago for a week of intensive rehearsals, sectionals, master classes, and community outreach culminating in a final orchestra performance at the Chicago Cultural Center. 

For some of Credo's younger students, it is possible to attend only the first two weeks of the festival. If this should be your preference, please indicate so on your application form. 

To learn more about Credo's Quartet Fellowship for advanced string players, please click here.

Service Projects

As an important part of Credo’s mission of service, students devote one day a week to a variety of service activities. They share their special musical gifts in concerts at day-care centers, Oberlin summer educational programs, nursing homes, and hospitals. They also experience the joy of accomplishment in such tasks as park site preparation, cleaning homeless shelters, and community beautification projects. Each service day offers an opportunity for faculty and students to connect outside the confines of the practice room, and to develop a life-long passion for serving others with our art and being.


While in residence at Oberlin’s world-renowned Conservatory of Music, students enjoy excellent rehearsal, coaching, and practice facilities, a celebrated music library collection, and many recreational opportunities offered on Oberlin’s park-like campus. Sun-filled practice rooms are never hard to find: the Conservatory has over 150 practice rooms, all with floor to ceiling windows and many equipped with full-size Steinway pianos. Visit the Oberlin Conservatory website for an overview of the facilities. 

For Credo Orchestra Week students will stay in downtown Chicago, exact location to be announced shortly.

 Photos courtesy of the Oberlin Conservatory Office of Communications

Photos courtesy of the Oberlin Conservatory Office of Communications


Credo Oberlin Faculty 2019





Chamber Music

To learn more about the faculty of Credo's other programs, like the Quartet Fellowship and Credo Flute, please visit our Faculty page.


Costs & Financial Aid

2018 Tuition (Including Room & Board)

    The cost of tuition together with room and board is as follows:

    All applicants for Summer 2018 should be available to come to 2, 3, or 4 week options. Applicants under the age of 16 may request to participate in the two-week session should that be preferable. The orchestral week (week 4) will be made available (at the Artistic Director's discretion) to the most accomplished and mature performers.

    Need-Based Financial Aid

    Credo will make every effort to provide the appropriate assistance to make it possible for all students to attend Credo. Grants will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need and musical talent. In a typical year, Credo awards around $70,000 of need-based aid. If you are interested in being considered for financial aid, please complete the financial aid form on the online application (available mid-November).

    We provide a worksheet to assist you in compiling financial information you will need to complete the Financial Aid section of the online application.

    Merit Scholarships

    Credo is able to offer an extremely limited number of full-tuition scholarships for talented piano and string students.

    To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must complete the financial aid section of the online application. 

    Counselor positions

    A limited number of upper-division college students are chosen as counselors for the three-week Oberlin session each year. Counselors will receive a $500 per week off of their tuition, with the opportunity for further financial aid and scholarship. The maximum cost for tuition, room and board for a counselor position will be as follows:

    • three-week session: $2200
    • four-week session: $2800

    Special consideration will be made for Oberlin Conservatory students or returning Credo alumni. Selection for counselor positions will be by rolling admission, so apply as soon as possible.

    To apply to be a counselor:

    1. Complete web-based application
    1. Send an email to peter.slowik@credomusic.org indicating your interest in a counselor position.

    You will be contacted for an interview. Strong preference will be given to counselor applications received by February 16.

    Share the gift

    Share the Gift (STG) is a way for Credo students to raise support towards their tuition while helping their communities and fellow students. Learn more about Share the Gift here.



    "Music making was always the top priority and I felt immensely blessed to be a part of something so pure and good. Credo teaches and encourages each musician to be highly skilled technicians, thoughtful artists, and sensitive collaborative players, but most importantly it carries the message that music comes from deeply rooted place in each of us, and with that we are capable of expressing our joy and giving our musical message to everyone who listens."
    - Hannah Hammel (Credo 2014 & 2015) Principal Flute, Knoxville Symphony



    + What does a typical day at Credo look like?

    A typical day at Credo includes 1.5 hours of coached chamber ensemble rehearsals, 1.5 hours of uncoached chamber ensemble rehearsals, 3 hours of solo practice, "Morning Sing" group devotional, instrumental masterclass and/or private lesson.

    Sample Weekday Schedule:

    • 7:45 AM – 8:20 AM Breakfast
    • 8:30 AM – 8:55 AM Morning Sing
    • 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM Coaching
    • 10:45 AM – 12:15 PM Solo Practice
    • 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Lunch
    • 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM Master Classes / Lessons
    • 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM Solo Practice
    • 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM Ensemble Practice
    • 6:00 PM Dinner
    • Evening Concert, activity, or free time

    + What is Credo's minimum performance level?

    Credo is open to any player who would benefit from the environment of intensive chamber music instruction. Many Credo students are prizewinners in national and regional solo competitions, many others sit at or near the front of their youth orchestra sections. Students are admitted to Credo based on finding suitable chamber music partners – thus compatibility with other applicants is more of a deciding factor than absolute talent/achievement.

    + Is financial aid available?

    Yes. Credo is committed to using financial aid to make our program available to all. Typically, more than $70,000 of financial aid is awarded each year, primarily on a need basis.

    + Where do Credo Students come from?

    So far, Credo students have come from 43 states: New York to Hawaii and Alaska to Florida! Over the years, students also journeyed from Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, China, the Netherlands, Taiwan, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and Tanzania to share the Credo experience.

    + Is Credo a 'church camp'?

    No. Credo is a music program of high-level study and performance. Credo programs use faith and service elements to enrich and deepen the student’s commitment to excellence and appreciation of the special power of music.

    + Are all faiths welcome at Credo programs?

    YES! Credo (Latin for, “I believe”) is a place for development and strengthening of faith. The required morning sing is led from a non-denominational Christian perspective by faculty (Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Orthodox and others). At Credo, students from (nearly) all Christian denominations and several non-Christian faiths have grown together by discovering their common beliefs and respectfully discussing differences.

    + How is musical growth fostered?

    Students engage in musical growth through chamber groups, masterclasses, large ensembles, and private lessons. They have the opportunity to study with outstanding faculty from leading conservatories and orchestras, and interact with professional chamber music groups. Click here to learn more about Credo's faculty.

    + Which faculty will be coaching me?

    Students have the opportunity to work with several members of the faculty as their coaches throughout the program. Credo Oberlin’s world-class faculty includes faculty from America’s most significant conservatories and performing ensembles.

    + Does Credo have any internship opportunities?

    Each summer Credo hires 1-2 summer interns. Credo's internship program is a valuable opportunity for hands-on experience on the day-to-day operations of a summer music festival. Please see our internship page for more information.